Teaching and Learning

Project Learning


The curriculum at all Academies is aimed to inspire and excite pupils through creative learning projects.  The majority of the curriculum is delivered through the project theme and children work towards an end product which has a real audience, this may be parents and families, their peers or the community.  The end product may be a presentation to parents, a film, a play, an exhibition or food tasting!  Our learning is placed in real life contexts where possible so children see the value in developing new skills, knowledge and understanding.  The Academies incorporate its values into all learning projects.


We have spent time and resources in developing a curriculum which excites and develops skills whilst creating strong links with parents and the community.  


The results of the pupil questionnaire, distributed in July 2016, showed that project learning was an element of school that was highly valued by pupils:

'It’s freedom to choose our topic name and what we learn about'.

'I like the exciting topics because they are really fun'.

'How we get to pick our topic and homework for the holidays'.