Ofsted's view on Leadership in our Academies


Gipsey Bridge Academy


"The Executive headteacher, senior leaders and governors are determined to make Gipsey Bridge Academy outstanding and work tirelessly to achieve this."


"Almost all teachers have areas of responsibility linked to the academy's improvement plan and fufil these very well."


"The senior leaders, supported by governors, review and assess the quality of teaching regularlly. They provide teachers with clear guidance to improve their practice to ensure high expectations across the academy."


"Leaders make sure all groups of pupils have an equal opportunity to succeed, free from discrimination. A good tracking system and weekly pupils progress meetings ensure staff have a sharp understanding of each pupil's progress."



Spilsby Primary Academy


The leaders systematically identify any possible weaknesses in its performance and give teachers clear guidance on how they can improve both teacher and achievement.




"The governors have a very good overview of the academy's strengths and weaknesses, and bring a wide range of skills which they use effectively to support and strengthen leadership."


"They are fully involved in the life of the academy, visit regularly to see it at work and have been fully involved in the conversion to academy status."


"They set challenging targets for the executive headteacher and keep a close eye on how things are progressing from term to term."


"Governors have introduced excellent systems to enable a clear understanding of how well the school is performing."


"Governors are highly committed to excellence. They set very ambitious targets for staff and have ensured strong systems for holding staff to account, including making salary decisions."


"They have a detailed understanding of the learning and behaviour of different groups of pupils in the school and take whatever action is necessary to assure any required improvements are brought about."


The Trust


"The Trust supports the academy well. It is helping the academy to build many partnerships within the local area. It supports the executive headteacher's plans to enable pupils and staff to benefit further from links with its partner school and other Trust schools."


"The Trust is enabling its schools to link and support each other in a range of activities."


"The school has received support from the academy trust on teachers' marking, which is now a great strength in teaching in all classes and is having a positive effect on accelerating pupils' progress."